Our sponsors are the real backbone of the NAMBA Nationals. It is their generous contributions that make this prestigious race work. If you would like to be a sponsor please contact;

Joe Weilnau

Class Sponsorships


NAMBA District 9

B-Mono Hobby Town Colorado
C-Mono Holland Family
X-Mono JB Racing
A-Hydro Al Hobbs and AA Engines
B-Hydro Al Hobbs and AA Engines
C-Hydro Al Hobbs and AA Engines
X-Hydro Al Hobbs and AA Engines
Sport 40 II Jim Piazza
Kids-R-Boaters Available $150
A-Stock OPC NAMBA District 8
A-Mod OPC MRP Racing
B-Stock OPC Puget Sound Model Boat Club
1/8 Scale Unlimited Nitro Jim Piazza
GX-2 Crackerbox NAMBA District 19
Joker's Lap Marathon NAMBA District 20

Event Logos
G-1 Mono Dasboata
GX-2 Mono Insane Boats
G-1 Catamaran UGot8Racing
GX-2 Catamaran NAMBA District 19
G-1 Sport Hydro RPMotorsports - Roger Payne
G-1 Outrigger Velasco Crankshaft Service
GX-2 Outrigger The PropWorks West
GX-2 Sport Hydro Insane Boats
Twin Outrigger (Gas/Nitro) Voodoo Model Boat Club
G-Limited Mono Rum Racing Products
G-Limited CAT Rum Racing Products
Jersey Skiff Loveless Family
G-1 Crackerbox Garrett Braida
Classic Thunderboat Outlaw Racing
Gas Marathon RPMotor Sports - Roger Payne
P-Limited Mono Scottsdale Model Boaters
P-Limited Hydro Holland Construction
P-Limited OPC The Holland Family
P-Limited Catamaran
Pro Marine RC
P-Limited Sport Hydro Mojo Racing Products

P-Mono Holland Construction
P-Sport Hydro Mojo Racing Products
Q-Mono NAMBA District 20

Event Logos
Q-Sport Hydro Calgary Model Boat Racing Association
1/8 Scale Unlimited Electric Rattlesnake RC
Paddle Boat Races Available $150


Program Advertising

Business Card Size $ 45.00
1/8 Page $ 65.00
1/4 Page $ 85.00
1/2 Page $ 120.00
Full Page $ 190.00
Inside Cover (SOLD) $ 400.00
Inside Back Cover (one available) $ 300.00
Back Cover (one available) $ 400.00

Site Advertising

CD Tower $ 300.00
Driver's Stand $ 300.00
Banquet $ 300.00
Paddle Boat Races $ 300.00
Banner ( current advertisers) FREE
Banner (at site) $ 150.00
Website Link (free for advertisers) $ 25.00
Back Cover (one available) $ 400.00