Welcome to the 2019 NAMBA
Nationals Race Event

About NAMBA International

NAMBA International is a non-profit association of radio controlled model boat enthusiasts of all
ages, genders and backgrounds from all over the world. The primary functions of NAMBA are to promote model boating as a wholesome hobby for the whole family and to provide a structure for organized racing. An integral part of this structure is a comprehensive insurance package to protect model boaters, lake site owners and race organizers against unforeseen circumstances. NAMBA is organized into twenty geographic districts spanning the fifty United States, Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands. Members elect a resident, Vice President, as well as a number of District Directors who are responsible for keeping the organization running smoothly and growing.  During 1969-1970, a group of west coast boaters saw the need for a new, national R/C boat association. This group eventually created the North American Model Boat Association (NAMBA) and in 1974, NAMBA expanded beyond North America to include Canada and became NAMBA International.

About The Event

The NAMBA Nationals have been held every year since the event was first hosted in 1972 in Los Angeles, California. Each year different districts submit bids to host the prestigious “NAMBA Nationals”. The NAMBA Nationals are a week long regatta that are held in a different location each year. The Nationals are never held in the same district two years in a row, allowing racers from all over the opportunity to come together and compete at locations that are more convenient for their travel schedules. Competition is fierce as racers strive for recognition and the coveted NAMBA National Championship. The Nationals offer a unique opportunity for racers from all over the world to come together and compete for a prestigious NAMBA National Championship. Nitro and GAS championships are run together and the Fast Electric (FE) and the Combat Warship have their own separate events. The NAMBA Nationals are a week long event that offer fun filled daily activities, traditions, great food and awesome racing! Racers of all experience levels are welcome to compete so you do not have to be a “top dog” to participate! NAMBA National’s location are in a different location each year and venues are chosen that allow for a complete family vacation experience.

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